Easy Bathtub Organizer

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A got quite a few compliments on Little Bun's monster bathroom but primarily my bathtub organizer so I'd thought post a quick DIY on how I accomplished this cute setup.  Now since this photo, we've moved from the baby bath pictured to a laundry basket for his nightly bath.  We really don't need the laundry basket but it is an easy toy pickup when I use the basket.

On to the toy organization!  This was super easy and requires no tools so it was a real winner for me!

twist tension shower curtain rod (Walmart)
"S" shower curtain hooks (WalMart)
four baskets (Dollar Tree, Dollar Store)

Wait what?  That's it?  Yes!  That is all folks.

Simply attach the tension rod to the rear wall of the bathtub.

Add the "S" hooks to the back of the baskets (two per basket).

Fill baskets with toys. 

VOILA!  And you're welcome!

A few tips to make sure this goes well for you:
Make sure your hooks fit through the holes in the baskets.  
You don't need to use "S" hooks but I like that I can take off the baskets and rise them out quickly.  
You can use deeper baskets to house your shampoo and body soap.
The rod moves easily up and down so if baby gets grabby (as Little Bun has) you can move it out of arms reach.

I hope you find this a fun and easy way to keep your bathtub organized!

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