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Monday, October 16, 2017

Y'all, when Elizabeth from Reviews.com contacted me about their natural deodorant review, I thought oh boy, just what I need, a review to point me in the direction of some magical deodorant that doesn't work.  I've heard this song and dance before!  In my path to being "embryo ready" I made a lot of changes to my daily routine including reducing the chemicals that go in my body.  Whether it was makeup on my face or plastic in my kitchen, a lot of items had to go.  But there was one item that I couldn't part with.  And y'all...it's a doozy!  Chemical laden, baby powder smelling, keeps me dry deodorant (it's a Secret what's under my arms, wink wink nod nod).  So having someone else do all the recon on something I struggled to replace was appealing for this mama!

Before I jump on the deodorants, let's chat about Reviews.com.  Established in 2013, they've got a small staff that is out there getting their hands on products, reviewing products, and pointing you in the direction of the best product on the market.  They have a growing list of reviews and I was excited to see some of their research in their A-Z Review page.  Some of the awesome reviews that caught my eye were dry shampoo, juicer, and cell phone plans.  They definitely are putting their hands in a lot of jars to get their reviews out there.  Now, you know as a business this company has to make money, so yes, there are affiliate links however they maintain their reviews are not based on how much each click provides.  I have no affiliate links and I get no money if you click on any of my links, I'm just here...reviewing a review...about natural deodorant.   

So on deodorant and I tried a few different brands in my chemical cut but to be honest, they were less than stellar and delivered poor results.  As an example, one brand had to run under water before use to moisten the product and then upon further inspection, this "aluminum free" product had aluminum in it.  While their claim was it was too small to pass through skin, why not just skip the "NO ALUMINUM" claim if you've got any form of aluminum in your product.  With costs rising I didn't have the time or the energy or the money to devote to a true comparison of products.  I "secretly" went back to the old stuff and cringed at every application. 

But Reviews.com really did the legwork for me on this one with their Best Natural Deodorant review so I'm back on the natural deodorant hunt and I'll be testing out their top two choices and reporting back to you!

Note these are both DEODORANT as the primary active ingredient in most antiperspirants is aluminum and it can cause estrogen like hormone growth .  Great for stopping sweat, but still raising eyebrows if it has any correlation with breast cancer.  According to THIS article from Cancer.gov, there is little evidence to support that.  I'm not saying I don't believe the claim they're not related, I'm just saying they can't prove it isn't, so why risk it?

I picked up two sticks of their winning brands, Schmidt's and Sam's from Amazon and set to work planning my days.  The first week, I broke out Schmidt'sin the Bergamot and Lime scent.  If you don't know bergamot is like an orange, but it's green like a lime.  Think fresh, citrus scent.  There were several times I caught a whiff of myself and was pretty impressed.

So back to Schmidt's, let's talk about application, this is a little scratchy on application y'all.  The underarm area is sensitive and I think it's the baking soda in the deodorant that adds that scratchiness.  Two swipes and I was done and wondering how badly I would be sweating and smelling by the end of the day (thanks to three prior failed attempts with natural deodorant).  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that by the end of day one, I still smelled like citrus and not at all stinky.  Well, point to you Schmidt's.  You passed ROUND ONE.  By the second day, I was eager to give it another go, and I added some squats and crunches (for the deodorant, not for exercise, I'm actually allergic to exercise).  I was sweating immediately and knew the sweat test was about to commence.  And you know, yes I was a little sweaty or glowing or whatever term you use, but I still smelled like my deodorant and not at all like a stinky mom.

I went on to use Schmidt's for a week before moving over to the second top rated brand from Reviews.com. and I'm going to be frank here, I did not like it because of the scent.  I found it difficult to properly review Sam's because it was just not a smell I could get behind, or under (my arms that is).  I choked through wearing Sam's for THREE DAYS before I put the cap on and said, no more!

But you know something, it worked.  The Schmidt's worked.  And I don't mean in that oh, yea I kinda smell a little stinky at the end of the day, I mean ALL DAY I SMELLED GREAT.  I didn't sweat any more than I normally did with my usual antiperspirant brand.

My goodness, has Reviews.com provided me the secret to smelling good and being free of those pesky parabans and preservative ingredients? 

I think they have!

Now, natural deodorant has one downfall and it can be a deal breaker for some.  It's made with baking soda and not everyone responds to baking soda the same way.  Some people get a mild irritation and others break out.  So you really have to be aware of this fact before you dive into natural deodorant. Also, baking soda is scratchy on your underarm.  Luckily you only need to apply about two swipes for it to work! But in the interest of transparency, on those sensitive underarm areas, wow, it can be borderline painful.  I've been using for two weeks now and I still love the scent, love the dryness, and love that I'm not stinky AND I'm not using harmful chemicals on my body.

I love to test out products but sometimes cost can be a factor.  Sometimes time itself is a factor.  And sometimes I just don't feel like looking for the "new and improved" I just want it handed to me (hello instant society).  If you're like me in this regard, you may want to check out Reviews.com.  I want to extend a thank you to Elizabeth at Reviews.com for reaching out to me to check this out.  Whether you decide to use them or not, they've given me one less chemical product on my list. 

(While I was contact by Reviews.com I was not compensated and all thoughts and views expressed are my own.)

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