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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So I'm planning a wedding y'all.  You're probably thinking I am a little crazy for marrying Caiden off so early, I mean he is only six months old after all.  Shocker, it's not Caiden's wedding (though we have received some proposals from some little darlings in our IG community). Y'all might know that not only am I a new mom but I'm a seasoned stepmom and this summer, my bonus daughter Madi said YES to her boyfriend and we started planning her wedding for October of 2018.

I am a crafty chick and imagining the DIY things I could do for this wedding has me overwhelmed with excitement.  In a world where you can find pretty much anything to DIY, I am going to conquer or fail (but mostly conquer right??) a fabulous DIY wedding for my stepdaughter and I'm going to share the trials and errors along the way.  If anything, this will be a great experience to document for her memories.

So welcome to another section of Raising Little Bun called DIY Wedding Tales and Fails.  Let's hope we get some good ones y'all or this is going to be a really sad section of the blog.

This week I'm sharing my Pinterest WIN (oh thank goodness the first was a win, ya know?).  It's a backdrop.  You can use it as a photography backdrop at an event or you can use it as a backdrop for a cake table.  The colors are completely customizable and it's something you can do while your baby is napping (did I mention I'm the mother of a six month old?)

This will be used for BOTH for us.  For her engagement party it will be a backdrop for photos and at the wedding it will be a backdrop for the cake table.  BOOM!  Now it's dual purpose.  DIY Double Whammy.

There are so many great things about this piece I don't know where to start.  Easy to make, easy to customize, easy to move, and easy to hang!  It was inspired by a picture Madi sent me from Pinterest and is available on Etsy for anywhere from $100 to $280.

Total Cost: $60
Total Time: 1.5 naps (or 3 hours)
Supplies: 25yd. 2.5" sheer aqua ribbon
25yd. 2.5" sheer white ribbon
25yd. 1" sheer gold ribbon
50yd. 2.5" aqua satin ribbon
10yd. 2.5" burlap (we will discuss THAT later)
1 roll jute twine
1 light blue queen sheet (from Goodwill)
1 gold satin full sheet (from Goodwill)

See What Had Happened Was: 
First, decide the height of the backdrop.  I went with 6.5ft. because as a cake table backdrop, this will have a table in front of it and that is the primary purpose.

I cut lengths of each ribbon and laid aside.  BURLAP is expensive.  I only got 10yd. for $8 and it made 4 cuts.  If you're considering burlap for your backdrop, note that A) they sell it in shorter lengths and B) it will significantly increase the price of the backdrop.  I placed the four I made sparingly.

I tore the sheet in 2" strips and made them 7ft. long.  I tied a knot in the sheet strips to give it a little
dimension (and it frayed when I tore it so this was an easy way to prevent additional fraying).

I then set to work tying the ribbon to the jute twine.

When tying the ribbon, use the same pattern to tie the knot.  I folded over the left and up the right.  The top kept an overall uniform appearance even though it was different fabric.

Since I was using the burlap sparingly, I put it aside.

The rest is pretty easy, it's a project you could do with a child.  Decide an order of ribbon colors and tie each on to the top.

When I finished, I added the burlap evenly across the backdrop and then added the gold sheet behind the ribbon.

As a finishing touch, I added a heart grapevine garland I found at the craft store.  

BOOM!  A simple, affordable backdrop!  

I've linked up a few places you can purchase ribbon.  I used a local store called Southern Hospitality in Plant City but SORRY Y''s a local place!

Ribbon Bazaar
The Ribbon Retreat

A sheet as an additional backing is definitely optional.  This is not connected to the ribbon so I can easily remove it or change it out.

I will hang it using that fabulous Command Hanging Strips (make sure you purchase to support the weight of the project!)

And that my friends, is a Pinterest WIN!  If you have the time and are willing to set aside a few hours, I would definitely recommend you DIY this project.

Stay tuned for next weeks first FAIL, Sparkler Sendoff Tags.

-Mamma Bun

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