Newborn Items You Just Don't Need

Monday, March 27, 2017

As I mentioned in my Newborn Essentials post, the baby industry is booming!  Marketing strategies are in full force to get you what you NEED for baby, even before they're born.  But let's be honest, how do you know if you need an item if you don't even have baby to try it?  Did I just post a list of items you NEED for baby?  Sure I did, but those are merely my suggestions.  It's all speculative until your new bundle arrives.

I fell victim to so many of these marketing strategies myself so I wanted to share with you several items that I bought, found, tried and subsequently DENIED.  Maybe they're your favorite, maybe you are thinking of buying one right now, but don't decide until you've read my Bun Review!  This is my list of items you just don't need for a newborn!

Bottle Warmer.  Y'all...sitting in my kitchen is a fabulous Kiinde creates a "flowing water bath to warm breastmilk and formula, even baby food.  And sitting right beside it is a tall cup.  I can put hot water in the tall cup or I can use the bottle warmer.  One is already in your kitchen ready to comes at a cost of $60.  The Kiinde warmer already has the water in the warmer, so you're not wasting water by heating it, but really, a cup of hot water works the same as any of those fancy bottle warmers on the market.  Is it convenient?  Sure...but do you need it?  No way.

Tons of Baby Clothes.  I knew this "rule" going in but I didn't follow it because I just HAD TO HAVE that cute onesie or that three piece outfit...and I told myself he would wear it. And then I found myself with a basket of unworn baby clothes that he didn't wear and that didn't fit. I fell victim to the "cuteness" of them. And don't think you're safe if you're having a boy!  Industry has picked up on the fact that parents want to have a well dressed baby boy and my closet will prove it!

Fancy burp cloths.  You guys I don't know if you realize this but burp cloths are for spit up. Or vomit. Why do we want to pay extra money for something our babies are going to throw up on?  While writing this blog I checked a few sites and on average for burp cloths cost between 10 and $15.  You can purchase one of my personal favorites, plain white cloth diapers and get a dozen for the same price.

Breast-feeding covers. Udder covers, booby hiders, call them what you want but they charge a lot of money for breast-feeding covers when you can simply use a lightweight blanket or swaddle that'll do the same job.  Worried about it tying? Use a hair tie or barrette. Boom they're covered and when you're done you can cover your baby with it.  Now don't get confused with one of my favorites the milk snob because that's a car seat cover/scarf/breast-feeding cover...a triple threat! 

Baby detergent.  What?!?! But how will you wash baby's clothes?!!  You can use Free and Clear detergent, any brand that suits you will suit baby.  Don't get roped into that tiny tub for a tiny fortune!  
Expensive crib bedding.  I thought I needed it. I spent $300 on it. And GUESS WHAT?!?  I didn't!  My nursery looks just as good with a plain sheet as it would look with fancy crib bedding.  The set I purchased came with pillows and a thick blanket and a bumper pad and even a diaper stacker.  But I didn't need any of that and the return time expired before I learned my lesson. Don't repeat my mistake, focus the nursery decor on the walls and not the crib. 

Now the next two are hotly debated, and surprisingly I have them both. First up is a changing table.  I have a combo changing table and dresser with the top that comes off. I also exclusively change Little Bun on that changing table. So before you make the splurge, consider where you will be changing baby. If you are ok doing diapers on the couch or the coffee table or even the bed, do not waste the money on a changing table!

And that segways to my next item, the Diaper Genie. It's perfect for me because I change diapers in the nursery all the time. If you don't see yourself devoting a specific space in the home to changing diapers, skip this on the registry!  Most people will take the trash out daily anyway so a regular garbage can will dispose of the diapers just fine.

A Pack and Play with ALL the Extras.  Mine came with a changing "station" and a vibrating rocker seat. The thing is, that changing station has to come off the pack and play whenever baby goes in. So off it went, then on it went, then off again. Before I realized I had a piece of baby gear I didn't need.  The vibrating rocker seat was cute but it was so low to the ground and not allowed to be up on a bed or furniture or the like. So I ended up leaving it in the original packaging. That's right, I didn't even take it out of the bag. $155 on a Pack and Play, and I use only the basic PNP. Save the money and skip the extras. Just make sure it can be raised when baby is small so you can have easy access. 

I feel like all I've been telling you is "No, No, No" but the fact is, the baby industry really has us under their thumb. We don't know what we need so we get it all. Then we are stuck with things we don't need or can't use.  Of course you are free to purchase any of the items on this list and you might find yourself needing them or using them. Even I use two items that are practically on every single don't buy list.  

Like I said, the industry is brimming with baby items you NEED but it's up to you to decide what really counts. Don't fall victim to the hype. If you're wondering what my favorite baby items are, check out my blog post My Favorite Items for Little Bun

Let me know in the comments if you fell victim to a baby need you never used!  Help save a sister from purchasing something they won't need for baby! 


  1. I debated on a bottle warmer but Bowen just never cared if it was hot or cold he took it either way so no need for it. I realize not all babies are that easy but you just never know. This is great info because there is just so much you don't need.

    1. Caiden doesn't either! He is just not picky when it comes to feeding...breast or bottle, formula or breastmilk, warm or cold...just give him the food!