My Favorite Newborn Items for Little Bun

Monday, March 20, 2017

The baby industry is a $20 billion industry...yes, you read that correctly, $20 BILLION!  So it's no wonder companies are trying to peddle you everything you "need" for baby when you really don't NEED them all.  There are a million posts out there documenting what a new mom needs for her what's one more right?  Let's talk about my TOP SIX favorite items since Little Bun has arrived and let me just go ahead and link you right up to them so you can purchase your own if your heart desires!

The Rock and Play.  Yes y'all I'm another big Rock and Play fanatic (RNP for short).  I use this handy dandy baby contraption for Caiden's naps and to entertain him if I'm in the kitchen or dining room  He likes to stare at me from the chair and it's portable so I can move it around easily if needed.  I keep it in the living-room next to my rocking chair.

We have the Fisher Price Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock and Play in Soothing Rivers. and it was a gift from my mom at our baby shower.  Here is Little Bun napping in the RNP.  It's exclusive to Buy Buy Baby and is available HERE.

This particular model has four vibrating levels, four musical sounds, two rocking speeds and connects to my cell phone so I can "drive it" from anywhere in the house.  The RNP plugs into the wall so I don't have to worry about batteries dying and it's been dubbed the "magic chair" in our home.  To say it's a life saver is an understatement of massive proportions.

The Wubbanub. My son has never been confused going from breast, breast under nipple shield, bottle nipple and pacifier.  We switch them interchangeably and just don't have an issue.  Are we blessed?  Is that an overreaction from other parents? I just don't know.  I can only tell you what goes in my home.

The Wubbanub is a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal which gives it minimal weight to help stay secure in your baby's mouth.  They have lots of animal choices and I have several handy for little bun.  But how do you wash it?  How do you sterilize it?  How do you keep it away from the dogs?

When you open the box, boil your water and drop the pacifier portion in the boiling water for 3-5 minutes.  I sit the stuffed animal on the handle of the pot of water.  I stay close by and monitor, we don't want an animal overboard! Washing is a breeze, you just put it in the washing machine, air dry and when ready, sterilize the pacifier part.  Keeping it from the dogs...well that was a tricky part as I had one steal it right from baby's mouth and another willing to leap across chairs to get into the above mentioned RNP to obtain one.  The best thing to do is keep up up away from dogs at all times.  This saves you washing and sterilizing as well as the cute furry creature from perishing at the paws of your pet.  We love our Wubbanub and dubbed it the Wub or the Nub.  Definitely a winner!  Buy at Amazon HERE...or use one of the 20% off coupons issued from Buy Buy Baby and get HERE...

Medela 2.7oz. bottles.  These bottles are perfect for a newborn!  I received several when we left the hospital and became attached quickly and so did little bun (which is what really matters).  We liked them so much I actually purchased more from Amazon so we could have a good stash.  They hold the perfect amount of breastmilk or formula from 1oz to 2.7oz.  We have tried several bottles including Tommy Tippy, Avent, Playtex, Mam, and Kiinde but these little guys are our top choice.  They store breastmilk perfectly in the fridge and have screw top lids that prevent spilling.  I recommend these for new mom hands down...or boobs down.  Whatever works!
Now that he is drinking about 4oz a sitting I keep two handy for feeding.  Sure, there are 4oz bottle options our there but I really prefer these for our little man.  They are just better for him and that makes me happy.  Whether it's breastmilk or formula, fed is best and this baby likes to be fed from the Medela 2.7oz bottles.  Buy from Amazon HERE.

Swaddle Sure Sleepsacks.  Babies have reflex movements that can be so strong it pulls them from sleep, so it helps to swaddle them.  I have swaddles, I have LOTS of swaddles, and I love them.  But my baby can squirm out of a I was led to this contraption from my fellow mom friend Ashlei...a sleepsack.  I call them baby straitjackets.  But the babies don't mind.  In fact, they appreciate the snugness and burrito like quality of the sleepsack (yum...burrito).  And it prevents those unintentional reflexes from waking them from a slumber.

Best of all, it's husband friendly.  My hubby is NOT a swaddle man and I've seen a few questionable swaddle attempts from him.  But anyone can use a Swaddle Sure and that makes them a fan fave here.  They come in several sizes to grow with your newborn.  I recommend having a minimum of two, one to wear and one to wash.  You never know when a poonami or poosplosion will leave you down a sleepsack.  So I recommend two!  Buy HERE.

myBaby Portable Sound Spa.  The womb is a noisy place for baby and when they come out and get into a quiet room to sleep it doesn't take much of a peep to wake them.  Cue the sound system!  This portable sound machine has six sounds for baby and will run continuously or on a 15/30/45 minute cycle.  It runs on batteries if you're on the road or on an AC adapter if you're in the home.  I can put it in his pack and play, beside his bassinet or even in the backseat of the car.  It's a wonderful way to create a sleeping environment for a baby, whether its naptime or bedtime.  Little bun prefers plain old white noise and I like the ocean sounds.  There are four other sounds including a heartbeat, thunder, crickets and a babbling brook.  The machine helps him sleep and helps me to do dishes, laundry and other noisy tasks without disturbing him during the day and helps us both sleep during the night.

There are lots of options out there for sounds but it does the job I want and it comes at a good price.  Whether you choose a pricier version or a phone app to do the work, I recommend some kind of white noise for both you and baby!  Available HERE.

Gerber Cloth Diapers, Pre-Fold or Flat-Fold.  Now I'm a disposable diaper user and Pampers is our preferred choice but I have to rave about Gerber Cloth Diapers because we use them for EVERYTHING.

The pre-folds are perfect for a barrier between your baby and their changing pad.  I always have one under his bum as a protective layer.  If you're caught with a diaper down and they pee or poo, this cloth will catch them and save your changing pad.  They also are disposable if you have a poo-splosion situation that leave your barrier unrecognizable and covered in poo!  They fold over quickly to use as a "pee pee tee pee".

The flat-folds make perfect burp clothes and cost less than traditional burp rags.  We are really big on avoiding "milk neck" that scene when the milk drips down baby's neck from a feeding, so we always fold one under his neck to protect it.

You can use them for wiping up milk drips from your bottle or from your breast when feeding or pumping...if you're a pumping mom you know that there is cleanup after a session and these are perfect for the job.  In addition, they make great breast pads to use when sleeping and protect your sheets from milk drips.

They're just a really versatile tool for baby and mommy.  I must have a dozen of each that are on rotation in our house and placed in various handy locations for easy access.  For us, they've replaced burp cloths, diaper changing pads, breast pads, pee tents and even can be used for household cleaning rags and a whole slew of other things!  (I don't share between house rags and baby rags).  I get mine from good old WalMart but they are available at Amazon too if you're into ordering online!

And that is my list, my faves, my keepers, my BUY THIS AND YOU WILL BE THRILLED list of items for a newborn to help get you through those first weeks, make that months of baby life.

There are so many favorite items that didn't make my "Top Six"  so let me just highlight a few others here and link them up:

The Milk Snob car seat cover.  It's a car seat cover, it's a fashionable scarf and it's a breastfeeding cover.  They come in high contrast colors which keep baby's attention.  They protect my bewbies from nosy eyes.  They protect baby from nosy people who want to touch (germs people!) and they can cover a milk stain in a flash!  Buy HERE.

Zippered sleep and play outfits which save you in sleep deprived moments from trying to snap clothes back onto a moving target.  They're cute and they're one piece so you're not choosing two items to put on baby...and subsequently removing two items when it's time for a diaper change. When you're choosing sleepers, get the zippers!  I love the options available at Carter's!

Swaddles.  Oh the swaddles.  I love them all!  I prefer the larger 47" x 47" size and use them to swaddle little bun, as quick blankets in the car, and as places to lay when we are out of the house, they're really another highly versatile tool for both baby and mommy.  I think it's impossible to have too many swaddles.  Our favorites are from small Etsy shops like RSM Modern Designs.  Her swaddles are soft and stretchy which really help bundle a Houdini baby.  I have a big drawer devoted to swaddles.

SoundSleeper App...oh I had to sneak in an App for that!  My son is not a car fact sometimes just getting moving in the car can be a nightmare for me.  BOOM, bring in the SoundSleeper has a few options to soothe baby and THEY WORK.  I Bluetooth it right into my car stereo until he calms down.  Some of the sounds include a vacuum, the long shush sound, short repeated shush sound and a hairdryer...guess what my son prefers...THE HAIRDRYER.  I don't question the madness, I just recommend the method.  Check out this app HERE. Available on Apple or Android!

Summer Infant Tub Seat...this was a late entry, a clincher, a sheer win for Mamma almost didn't make the list!  Available on Amazon, this lightweight foldable tubside seat is a lifesaver on your back.  We bathe Little Bun in the bathtub and leaning over had become unbearable for this mamma.   Along comes a gift from friends, this Summer Infant seat, with pockets on the side to keep your body wash and washcloth handy.  This is low enough to be close to baby and high enough to be off the ground.  A must have!  Find it HERE for $15 and it is worth every penny!

These are a few of my favorite things!  Do you have a favorite that I didn't mention?  Did you have a bad experience with something I did?  Share below and let's keep the knowledge flowing.  I think our experience can be the best indicator for a mom-to-be.

NEXT POST....Newborn Items that I REJECTED!  


  1. He is just the cutest!! It's amazing what you think you need vs what is really needed.

    1. Seriously Amie I have so many things I bought and never even used!

  2. Just love this, Carissa. As a Mom and Gramma, it would have been great having this information when you were born. Oh, even better....with your brother. Love this!

  3. I saw Caiden in a Dock a tot? Have you liked that? I know it didn't make your top 6, but I thought I would ask. BTW, thanks for sharing this stuff. I'm so lost when it comes to what is needed and what isn't. All I know is that I need a car seat, crib, dresser, a jogging stroller, and a rocker to get me going. Yes a jogging stroller is a need. ;)

    1. Hi Tedi, it's like a DockATot but it's a Baby Nest. I bought it on Etsy for about $60. I was concerned the DAT would not be a hit here and didn't want to risk the investment just in case it didn't work.

      Make sure you discuss jogging with your pediatrician. We have a jogger but our Pedi said to wait until 6 months before we took Caiden jogging because their neck muscles aren't ready for jogging until then. I'm sure you've heard that a hundred times already so forgive me if I'm repeating info.

      HONESTLY, I think there is not a lot a newborn needs and most of it just sat put away for a later time. LOL

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