Welcome To Raising Little Bun

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hey y'all!  Welcome to Raising Little Bun...the blog about what happens AFTER the bun comes out of the oven.

First of all, if you've been following our journey you know that I am Hunny Bunny and after nine years of struggling with infertility, my hubby and I took the plunge into the world of science and by way of IVF conceived our Little Bun.

If you don't know about our journey, I encourage you to check out my blog No Bun in the Oven and look at About the Buns.  My original blog began as a way to document our journey and give people a glimpse into the world of infertility and raise awareness to the struggle 1 in 8 couples go through to have a baby.

After a successful cycle, I cut back on blogging because I felt guilty for sharing my pregnancy journey on a blog about infertility.  But now that I've managed pregnancy and childbirth (more on that experience later) I created Raising Little Bun so I could pick up the virtual pen and start writing.

So welcome back y'all!  I hope you missed me as much as I missed you and I can't wait to share all about what it's like to Raise Little Bun!

Hugs and Baby Dust Y'all!

Hunny Bunny

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