Our Birth Story

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hey y'all, so here I am, Mamma Bun...what an amazing feeling, to have survived labor and delivery.  Let me tell you, I distinctly recall staring up at my husband and saying...please, don't make me do this anymore.  I want to go home.  In short, labor and delivery was the most exhausting and painful experience I've ever been through!!  I thought getting pregnant was hard, I mean it took nine years just to do that!  But then came labor and that my friends, that made getting pregnant look like a walk in the park.

So let's talk about it.

Let's start by saying I had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I spent the first trimester napping and dealing with heartburn.  I didn't have morning sickness or all day nausea like some of my friends.  The second trimester was much of the same but added swollen feet to the mix...what a bummer, all those cute shoes in my closet and I was walking around with elephant cankles and wearing one pair of orthopedic flip flops.  By the third trimester, I picked up acid reflux to go with my heartburn, slept sitting up every night, even more swelling if that is possible, and narrowly passed my gestational diabetes test. 

By week 34, my doctor was unhappy with my protein levels combined with all that swelling and high blood pressure and diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia.  We started doing twice weekly NST's to monitor baby's health while we waited.  He decided we would likely deliver early, which was OK with me as a growth scan determined that my "Little Bun" was more like a linebacker.

So at my NST on January 19, he came in and said "let's get you checked in for induction today".  TODAY?  I had done it, meeting Little Bun was so close!  And I could say that I worked every day until I had the baby!  I anxiously went home, took a shower, made sure I brushed my hair and then took my I'm going to have a baby photos...see below.  Here I am at 37w1d and I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

Daddy Bun and I headed for the hospital to get the birthing show on the road.  In my head I was the Pregnancy Unicorn.  I would arrive at the hospital, I would labor for a few hours, I would push for one set of contractions and the baby would slide out like a baseball player heading into home base.

We checked in and I was all smiles, even though my nurse blew out two veins trying to get in the IV.  By the third time (always a charm) we were good to go.

Oh boy was I wrong!  Just look at my naive excited face, no idea what is in store or how long it will take...makeup all fresh and hair all brushed...HA, just wait!

Since I wasn't dilated we started with Cervidil.  This handy dandy lady bit insert is designed to get your cervix "ripe" for labor.  Just a quick insert and I could go to sleep while my cervix did all the hard work.  Now, when the doctor put that in, I saw the Cervidil.  It was like a little shoestring, small and compact, I thought this is going to be easy.  I didn't see any razor blades attached to the Cervidil, but when he went to insert it, that was all I felt.  Tiny razor blades slicing me from inside.  I verified with the doctor that I was not bleeding from the insertion and the realization hit me...if this hurt going in, how bad would this baby hurt coming out???

They turned off the lights and I tried to sleep on the most uncomfortable bed I've ever been in.  I'm pretty sure they just found a few board lying around a construction site and stapled a toddler mattress to it.  My hips don't lie and all they said was OUCH!  Was this a joke?  Did they purposely want to deny me sleep the night before I would be sliding a baby out of my lady bits?

And speaking of Little Bun, he was hooked up to the monitors but kept dancing around in my belly, which caused him to fall off the monitors, so the nurse had to repeatedly come in the room and shuffle the monitors and I around on the board bed.  Needless to say, I slept from 5:00 until 5:45.

Happy Epidural Face...more naive excitment
January 20, at 6am they started Pitocin.  I'd heard about Pitocin and was a little leery but I trust my doctor.  They started me at level 1 at 6am.  The day wore on slowly and so did my contractions.  At 2pm we were at level 12 and I was dilated 2cm and effaced 70%.  I was also in pain.  So the doctor said I could have my Epidural.  I was already feeling a little delirious as I was on 45 minutes of sleep.  But I powered through waiting for the Anesthesiologist...he took two hours.  Turns out a lot of ladies were on the floor giving birth.  The Epidural was easy, a quick prick in the back, a little jiggle here and a shimmy there and BOOM, I was ready to lay back down.  Here I am with my Epidural face.  The pain was dissipating and contractions went to a dull hum.  I thought, OK I can do this.  Let's have a baby.

Five hours passed before I was ready to start pushing.  It had been 24 hours since they put in my IV.  I was running on ice chips and 45 minutes of sleep.  That naive excitement was replaced with frustration and I was ready to have this baby!

So I pushed, and pushed, and pushed...I watched the hours tick by as I pushed through every contraction.  We tried holding the back of my thighs, we tried the metal bars on the side of the bed, we even played a little tug of war using a bed sheet.  Little Bun was not making much progress.  At midnight, I looked at Daddy Bun and said GET IT OUT.  I want you to do this...I'm done.  (as if he could somehow take over for me).  My body was exhausted.

Another half hour ticked by and my doctor came in, he encouraged me to push a little more...telling me we needed one good push to get him out.  Whew, I started a second wind...one good push?  I could do that.

So a contraction started and I pushed.  For 30 seconds I pushed with everything I had...and nothing.

The doctor said just one more...so we waited, my Pitocin at Level 22, my contractions almost five minutes apart, I waited...and pushed with everything I had.

And do you know what he said...he said I needed one more push...I thought back to two pushes ago...WHAT A LIAR!  So being a trooper I pushed with everything that I had and I felt the most horrible excruciating pain I've ever felt, where was the Epidural I wondered?  He was crowning! I said CROWNING??? I thought that was his shoulders!  I had to sit there for five minutes with baby crowning while I waited for another contraction.  This was it (sure it was).  This would push him out (he said that already).

The contraction came.  I pushed.  I pushed like there was no tomorrow.  And his head came out.  The pain subsided a little.  I pushed again, and he flew out like a cannon.  The doctor said whoa, look at all that hair.  They handed me my Little Bun.

But he wasn't breathing well and before I knew it he was whisked off my chest and into the hands of several doctors and nurses.  I stared at my hubby, bewildered...what's wrong with our baby?  Fear set it as I listened intently to the doctors and nurses across the room, but their words were incoherent to me as I lay there exhausted.  I  stared at my hubby, begging him to tell me what was wrong with our baby.  We waited to hear his cries, and after what seemed like hours, he was crying.  Little Bun had some amniotic fluid in his lungs which affected his breathing, but he was just fine.

And somewhere between the exhaustion and fatigue, I held him as hubby held me and we looked on to our little miracle together, overcome with joy.  What a day, and night, and day!

In the end, I have to say this was the most difficult and exhausting thing I've ever been through.  But I was a trooper and with the help of my hubby, my mom and my stepdaughter, I got through it and delivered our miracle baby boy...

Caiden Thomas Maul
Born January 21, 2017 at 1:07am
8lbs. 12 oz. and 21" long


  1. I love this! I have loved getting to watch your story unfold! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much we are so excited (and I'm still a little nervous) for him to finally be here!

  2. Talk about a healthy baby boy!! What a precious little one. Congratulations to all of you and you are a trooper girl!!

  3. praise praise! Congrats friend. Beautiful story. Beautiful momma and baby too!

  4. Lovely birth story! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Awesome story, and I love you.😍

  6. You are a trooper and a strong woman! He is beautiful! And should be proud of all that you have accomplished! Thanks for being such a good friend to me from day 1. 😘 I love the ttc tribe! 😍

  7. Nice story. So happy to read your story. I like your interesting writing.

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