My Hospital Bag...After the Hospital

Friday, February 10, 2017

Now that I'm back in the blogging world, at least as long as Little Bun is napping, I wanted to share with you my REVISED Hospital List.

What did I use?  
What did I miss?  
What never left the bag? 

For a quick recap, I revisted my blog over at No Bun in the Oven to check out my Hospital Bag post.  I made a pretty comprehensive post about what was going in that bag!  So how did I do?

Let's check it out and to show you what I over-packed, I have struck through any items that didn't even leave the bag.  Next we'll talk about why we didn't need or use them.  As always, consult your hospital about what they provide and take what makes you comfortable.  This is an experience where your comfort needs to be a priority.  So if it takes a backpack or a chauffeur with luggage, do what works for you!  

For Mommy:
Labor Gown, After Delivery Gown/Robe, Slippers (rubber sole)Soft grip socks, XL panties, Post baby abdominal wrap, Pillow/BlanketSleep maskToilet Paper, Coming home outfit, Nursing bra. 

  • I bought black slippers which fell down into my hole of a bag and by the time I took a shower I did not care what my feet touched.  I just wanted a shower.  
  • It was hot for me and the last thing on my mind is putting socks on my feet so guess what, those soft socks just sat there with those flip flops! 
  • Don't even get me started on the post-abdominal belly wrap, first of all that thing did not even fit me and second, after my doctor performed his "uterus massage" which is code for smashing and shoving your uterus from your rib cage to your lower abdomen, the last thing I wanted was any type of constriction!  
  • I didn't even need my blanket because, again, it was hot and the hospital was more than willing to provide me with blankets if I was cold.  
  • The funniest thing I packed was a sleep mask because I don't know why I thought for a moment I would get sleep!  If it wasn't Little Bun crying to be nursed or a nurse crying to take my vitals, I just didn't get any sleep in the hospital!  
  • Oh and toilet paper...after shoving a baby from my lady bits, having second degree tearing and stitches putting me back together, I did not care what paper was touching my lady bits, as long as I could have the Dermoplast spray...and the nurses were generous with that!
My labor gown and after delivery pajamas and robes were much needed.  I had a few sets of clip down pajamas with matching robes and my labor gown that allowed breastfeeding to be easy.  It was much more comfortable to be in "my things" instead of the scrubby hospital gown.  Also, I didn't like the fancy mesh panties the hospital provides.  I did much better with my extra large Granny panties so if you're like me, take a few pairs of those to get you through it!  My pillow was a lifesaver.  I used it to nurse, to rest and to pretend to sleep and I would never go back to the hospital without my own pillow again!  Even if it was an extra trip to the car (thanks babe) it was worth the comfort.  Obviously you need to come home in something and don't think it's going to be your pre-pregnancy clothes.  I had a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt and they were perfect.  Don't forget a nursing bra, although I didn't even wear a bra until I got dressed to head home.  Hey, they've seen my lady bits on parade, might as well see my "bewbies".   

Toiletry Bag:
Dry shampootravel soap, washcloth, toothpaste/toothbrush, face wipes, moisturizer, brush, deodorant, mints, Chap-stick.

Surprisingly, the hospital provided me a toiletry bag (another reason to check with the hospital about what they provide)!  It had body wash, shampoo, toothpaste and a toothbrush, lotion, even dental picks!  I didn't need to use much from my bag but one thing you want to MAKE SURE you have is Chap-stick!  All that labored breathing is going to dry your lips out and you're going to want to have something that is not chapped (since your lady bits will be just that, chapped!) 

After care meds:
ColaceVitaminsHonest Nipple Balmgel nursing pads
Y'all...I didn't use one of these items!  Every day my nurse brought my vitamins and my nipples hadn't had enough exposure to a feeding baby to begin to need the balm or gel pads.  Save those for when you get back home!

Makeup Bag:
Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeliner, Gloss, Eyeshadow, travel mirror.

That's right, I brought it and used it, every piece of it...except the lip gloss, I just used my chapstick.  If baby was sleeping and I was feeling like poo, I got out my travel mirror and put on my face and I felt so much better.  People may say that is vain, that I'm too concerned with how I look, but to those people I say, I'm doing what makes me comfortable.  If you have an issue with that....just don't take any makeup.  But don't shame someone if you wouldn't do the same.  Aren't there enough mommy wars going on in the world? 

For Daddy:
Daddy shirt, Toothbrush/toothpaste, Comfy pants, Pillow/blanket

WHOOPS, guess who forgot the pillow and blanket for her hubby?  THIS GIRL!  I am a master packer and I was supposed to have everything ready to go but I forgot those two items for Daddy Bun who didn't mind at all, as evidenced from this photo of him sleeping with the blanket I brought for Little Bun.  And let me tell y'all, I would have killed to be sleeping on that tiny couch instead of the board bed I tried to sleep on in the hospital.  I still cannot believe the crappy bed they make poor pregnant women spend hours "sleeping" in as they prepare for labor.  Now we live 20 minutes from the hosptial so Daddy was able to go home and shower and change clothes so he really didn't need much, just a comfy pair of pants to sleep in.  

Phone charger, iPad and charger...which we used the chargers religiously as we had to keep in touch with family and friends checking on Little Bun and Mamma during labor, delivery and after birth.  Sometimes I had as many as 14 text messages to answer and finally I just gave my phone to Daddy Bun and asked him to be the messenger!

For baby:
Foaming hand sanitizer, Post birth gown/hat for pics, Coming home outfit/hat, Mittens 
Two swaddles, blanket, Binky clip and binkyBoppy

I needed my own foaming hand sanitizer, in fact I was adamant that was a huge priority for me...annnd I didn't even take it out of the bag.  FREE SANITIZER provided by the hospital, one for the bed, and the biggest container stuck right on the wall.  No need to bring your own, they stock plenty and refill as needed.

I was lucky that our son didn't have claws when he came out and his hospital onesies came with built in mittens so no need to unpack those.

Two swaddles...because the hospital didn't have a plethora of those striped swaddles on hand and in drawers under where the baby slept....oh wait, yes they did.  I never used my own swaddle because most of mine are massive and I just didn't feel like wrapping the baby around and around and around and around again with a giant swaddle.

Binky clip and a binky...guys, first of all, I have nothing against pacifiers, my son is napping with one right now.  There is no "nipple confusion" for him as he's drinking milk from my breast, from a bottle and has a pacifier...but the lactation consultants at the hospital said NO BINKY.  I'm still here to say that my baby is one of those babies who has no confusion between the myriad of things I put in him mouth to feed or soothe him.  Don't want to use a pacifier? DO NOT USE ONE.  Just don't side eye me for using one on mine.

And the Boppy pillow, an extra pillow brought with the intention to help me nurse the baby.  Well, my bewbies are massive, I mean, they're probably twice the size of his head, so while working on his latching technique the "football hold" seemed to be the best breastfeeding position for baby.  And that didn't really work with my Boppy.  So back down to the car it went.  If you're blessed to not have bewbies the size of melons, try the Boppy, it works great for other feeding positions.  For me, it was a NO.  

I totally recommend a little outfit for those newborn pictures.  I got mine at Milk and Baby  and do not regret for a second having that little "Here I Am" outfit!  We brought along a special blanket made by Melissa at Black River Boutique and it also came in handy for us.  And obviously your child cannot come home naked, though they can wear the hospital white tee shirt that is provided.  So be sure you have a going home outfit for the little nugget! 

Basket of Snacks for Nurses:
$25 Amazon Snack Pack, Basket, Bow, Thank You Card

OK mom fail here, I totally forgot to order the snacks to thank my amazing nurses.  And they were amazing, every single one of them.  I thanked them profusely every time they entered or exited my room, but if you're looking to say thanks in a different way, anything that is made to feed several people would be an amazing treat for the staff.

Car seat, Box in case we get flowers etc!

We didn't get any flowers at the hospital but we did get this amazing ginormous canvas bag that was used to fill it to the brim (and more) with all the goodies from the hospital.  Here is a brief list of the things the staff provided me when we left.
  • Dermoplast, witch hazel pads, cotton pads, mesh panties, 4-5 hospital blankets, Medela nursing bottles, diapers, wipes, nasal aspirator, supplemental formula (we had to supplement since my milk didn't come in), and even more hand sanitizer. 
When I say they were generous I mean that they came back in and said is there anything else you might need, as though I had any more room to pack something else!  I heard rumors of the things they provide, and THEY ARE least for my hospital they were!

So let's recap, what should you bring for the hospital?  Well FIRST, talk to the hospital.  Ask what they provide.  Make sure you aren't duplicating anything unless you require it for comfort (like a pillow or blanket).

Mom: comfy PJ's and robes, these are a must have for me!  A pillow, XL panties, a going home outfit, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, CHAP-STICK, and makeup if you desire.  Yes.  That is all.

Baby: hospital newborn outfit for photos, going home outfit, blanket and a car seat.

Dad: comfy pants to sleep and lounge (unless you live further, daddy might need more in that case)

Electronics: phone charger

Misc: Thank you gifts if desired for the nursing staff

 Thanks for checking out this update y'all!  Next week I'll be posting about Postpartum Care.  Oh boy, that'll knock your socks off!


  1. Isn't is amazing what you think you will need and then what you actually do use. My baby was the same would take boob, bottle w/ any shape nipple you gave him and a Pacifier. He was snooty about pacifiers though. Haha

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