Caiden's Newborn Photo Session

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stephanie and Caiden
Oh my heck y'all I can't even describe all the feels I get looking at these amazing photos done by our newborn photographer, Stephanie over at Stephanie Mashay Photography.  Not only is Stephanie an amazing photographer, she is genuine, funny and down to earth.  She puts her all into these sessions and I was just thrilled to be able to watch her in her element, working with her favorite subject, a squishy, adorable newborn.  MY LITTLE BUN!

Little did I know that newborn sessions were so involved and required so much work and setup!  For starters, we had specific instructions to prepare for our session and following them is key to a good photo shoot!  We were to keep Caiden awake for three hours prior to the session and not feed him until we arrived.  It was TOUGH!  We wondered how we would survive keeping him awake and unfed but y'all, it was SO WORTH IT!

Stephanie has swaddles,blankets, baskets and props to the ceiling for her clients. She takes her time setting up each shot to ensure a perfect photo and has a talent for positioning her subjects in the squishiest, most adorable poses.  We spent three hours on our session and it was worth every moment.  Daddy Bun and I were enthralled with her process.  If you're in the Central Florida area and looking to do some newborn photos, or you know someone who is, Stephanie Mashay Photography is where to go!

Without further gushing, which is hard not to do, below are our newborn photos done by Stephanie!

I am just overwhelmed, these last photos of Daddy Bun and I were so amazing!  I will definitely be shouting her praises from the rooftops for years to come!  This little baby was ten years in the making, a decade from start to finish, proof that sometimes waiting is exactly what you have to do for perfection.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  And a special thank you to Stephanie Mashay Photography for her talent, hard work and amazing skills!


  1. These are absolutely adorable!! What a precious little squishy baby!

  2. Love these!!! His little bum... you look gorgeous & you guys look so happy.